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Meyerton RC Raceway

Meyerton RC Raceway

Physical Address: Maanhaarjakkals Rd, Meyerton, 1961

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It all started when Hendry received a nitro HPI Savage Monster Truck for Christmas 2007. Were he and his wife was invited to share a family gathering in Secunda.

Hendry’s brother – in – law, that invited them, would normally take out his RC car during our hot and sunny weather in SA’s festive season and race it in the street that he lives. Being a collector of classic cars for many years and owing about 12 cars, Hendry never got around getting himself a remote controlled car. But because Anette’s brother had one, and Henry’s wife didn’t want him to stand and watch her bother playing with his RC car, with him not being able to join in the fun, she got him his first RC car that Christmas. Within one week after Christmas, Hendry went and got himself a Mercedes on road car as well. The rest is history…. He was hooked!